Friday, October 28, 2005

And then there it was

Blurred words and fragmented sentences
From an eighteen pack of beer
A search to sell a zippo lighter and
Tryin to get some chew from there to here

Talkin somewhere on Eisenhower road
First it was Lloyd and then maybe Art
Something about Diarrhea and then
An attitude about an asked re-start

Like making any sense of it at all
Wasn’t Erich the one who put me down
Who thought I was ripping off Art
Wasn’t he the one posing all jealous bitch clown

I got a half finished truck just sitting there
With probably the wrong timing gears
Meanwhile drunk is still going on
Like bleary eyed is going to make it all clear

I don’t need to be set up
By some Junkie Son strung out on Crack
And some pretend wanna be actin like
It’s just words that’s got a friends back

Then it’s knives and flash and anger
And the microwave oven smashed against the wall
And you you man still standing there
Putting out that arrogance pride and gall

Like what’s with asking you anything
How dare I be at all concerned
It’s only the future of another Vet
And if basic integrity’s direction got burned

Yeah that’s right I said get the fuck out
Get the fuck out in the middle of the night
And you can pick up your other shit later
If you can even manage to do that right

Pretend all you want you didn’t sell me out
Pretend all you want it’s no big deal
Pretend all you want that timing association
And intent don’t go into to making it real

Screw you and your pushin it off on me
You saw it building up in my heart and soul
You saw it take me to the edge
Where it’s dark deserted and cold


You could have given a damn
You could have gone slow and cared
But all that seemed to matter to you
Was what you got out of what we shared

Well Fuck you man I need a friend
But I don’t need one at any cost
I’m all for another man protecting himself
But not at the price of my guaranteed

Absolute final and degrading loss

2:41 am


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