Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Nobody but Nobody

Nobody ever said it was going to be easy
Nobody ever said it was a walk down prim rose lane
Nobody ever said it was a bed of roses
But I do believe and I don’t care and they’re insane

And fuck all that shit when your heart is broken
When your life is scattered and shattered apart
Well man you’re never going to get anything done
Till at least you begin to give it a start

Yeah well fuck you and the horse you rode in on
You ever heard that cliché amidst the advice you have today
You ever hear the one about the motorcycle rider
That beat the shit out of you singin lead follow or get out of the way

No too bad
Eat shit and die
It’s all enough to make you crazy
It’s all enough to make you cry

But if you show weakness to the wrong people
They’ll try to take you at every turn
They live to feed off of and create more misery
And look for the chance to leave you burned

But this life ain’t worth livin
Unless you got some blessing somewhere
Some miracle some love that isn’t tryin
To steal your last breath of air

There’s got to be somebody out there
That wants to dance just to dance
To sing just to sing who dares to care
That it takes leather steel and lace

To make a romance
And that’s just the way it is

Even if it isn’t fair

1:15 am
transcribed this time
9:01 am


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Looking out my window

I’ve always had a certain affection
For killers

Most of the time they let us
Fade off into dust
But I have known some
That have had my trust

More so than a bunch of
So called decent citizens
None of which have ever been
Down in the deep with the denizens

They’ve been artists and writers
They’ve been cops called corrupt
Just because they grew some weed
Beats not knowin which way’s up

I’ve known some motorcycle riders
That have been hard as nails
But if you ever needed somebody
At your side they’d never fail

I had my ass straightened up
By a Special Feces Ranger
By example and deed he led
No real man is a stranger to danger

I loved’m all the Sons of Bitches
Sometimes it’s not all pretty flowers
And saving grace
Sometimes it’s

Fuck The World
Fuck The World
And spit right back in its face

I’ve always had a certain affection
For killers

8:51 am
transcribed this time
8:53 am


Saturday, October 11, 2008

How the World scared my little German Princess

First they offered her temptation
And an easier ride on the inside
Second they offered her thrills
And pills and a place to hide

False Admiration and flattery flowed
The Gossip merchants worked their wiles
And somewhere somehow they fed into
That tendency of hers to work that smile

Maybe she could be a great singer
Here how about a line of coke
Man you sure are cute tonight
And oh ha ha ha that certainly was

A funny joke

Next came the organic dildos
All kind of various wussy boy toys
Then there was all that acceptance
From the empty social circle ploys

And she was hooked and ridin
Ridin Daddy’s money and her charm
Ridin the great white horse
And that needle in her arm

And then somewhere in there
She lost track she was Teutonic strong
Somewhere in there she got all
Hollow and angry

And forgot she could be wrong

9:49 am
written over some weeks
one of a few in review
of the river winding


Saturday, September 20, 2008

I had to take the sticker off your brand new jeans

You fuckin lazy ass piece of shit

I better not be the one you’re payin last
I’m the one who put you up into the green
You better not be ridin me with some story
That you’re slidin by now because you got the means

To put things off to lie right to my face
About if the money came in or not
Tellin me about checks that have to clear
You best not be goin all snot and rot and getting caught

With your hand holdin back on me
With stories about just getting some
And now you’re going to Victoria
You best not be playin me off as dumb

You and all your crazies
You and all your drink and alcohol
You best be stepping up with full payment
And you best be coverin it all

Don’t even start to drib drab me out
Don’t even start to do that bob and weave
Don’t dare front up a bunch of so called friends
And leave me out here as the one you deceive

First you said it was the twenty third
And then some how you go flush on Friday
Then you’ve suddenly got a shiney new phone
And actin like you barely got paid

I had to take the sticker off your brand new jeans
And then you put down two hundred on your debt
Like maybe you’re doin me some kind of favor
Like maybe I’m just now an odds off bet

Hey motherfucker this ain’t no joke
This ain’t no you’ll get around to it when you can
You best be understanding that you had my
Cold hard cash and trust for more than two years

And you had better step up and be a man

5:26 am
transcribed this time
5;30 pm


Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Scoundrels have wondered the land
Scoundrels have wondered the seas
And some of them have even been known
To have been seen in the company of me

Not all of them are bad at least
The ones who are up front about it
Every good male has a bit of scoundrel
In him and toward that I don't doubt it

Me..I've been runnin down the highway
For more than some time now
I came more than close and a should have
But maybe I didn't know how

It's true

I've been a heart breaker and a life taker
And had mine broken a time or two
But in the end that's maybe the way
Some of us are made to do what we do

I'll stand by a friend
I'll stand against a pack of fools
I do have a primal code
But the first rule is there are no rules

I guess I run it by dedication
I believe in strong women and men
At some point along the line
I just lost track of how to pretend


I still wouldn't mind finding myself
A Juliet girl for my rock and roll boy
But somehow I always seem to end up
With some sort of modern version

Of that trouble maker
Helen of Troy

8:36 pm
transcribed this time
7:50 am


Monday, June 09, 2008

What's Happening?!

What's happening?!

Martial Arts
The United States Marine Corp

Hard Death

That's what I told my
Tatooed blue neighbor's friend
Sometimes it's all you can do
To keep from puting their life to an end

If it wasn't for the police
A lot of them would already be dead
Rebels and bad ass gang bangers
They're blinkin in their non thinkin heads

I just want to hit them
Both with an ax handle
But justice now a days
Is looked upon as a scandal

Because even if it was a fair
One on one fight
They'd lie to the police
And their whore girl friends would say

Yeah that's right

I want to beat them down
With left hooks and straight rights
I'd like to put fingers in their eyes
And take away their useless sight

Because they're aleady
Blind stupid and dumb
They're like a plague upon the land
Thinkin it cool to be numb

To their animals
To the children as well
All they are are crack smokin blunt tokin
Trash goin straight to Hell


But I ain't goin

And one of these days
We'll see who goes

And who .......... stays

started verbally at
11:33 am
written and finished
12:55 pm


Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Beyond all time

I don’t know who the
Fuck you think you are

Just because you said you
Shot somebody with a gun
Just because you
Stuck a knife in somebody’s chest

Just because you wore a badge
And did it half for fun
And half for what you thought
Would draw out of you your very best

Now what are you gonna do
Now that you got no uniform to wear
Now that you got no official rules
No official oath to which to swear

You gonna keep getting tired
After less than an hour or two
When you work all day in some
Lawyers office doin whatever you do


Listen asshole I met you long ago
And you brought my soul back on line
I don’t care if that was a million years ago
Some things go beyond all time

You were the first to show me moves
Moves along the lines of breath and death
You and me we’re the ones whose sins don’t
Wash away just because we want them to

When we confess


Nobody takes up the art of the heart
Because they’re suddenly clean of all the dirt
Besides tell me who wants to join a club where
Everybody has to wear the same color shirt

Keep playin your guitar
And quit tryin to be so fancy all the time
Bend a few simple notes it’s not like
You’re not entirely unfamiliar with

That state of mind

I love you like a brother
And if you don’t get that….too damn bad
Lightning danger a song in our heart
Weren’t those the best times we ever had

6:15 am