Friday, October 28, 2005

I would not desert you

I would not desert you
Or abandon you

But I would demand that you measure up
I would call you out to stand the wall
I would train you through the pain and rain
I would expect you to give it your all

I would never leave you out there
I would challenge you to your core
I would ask everything from you
And then ask for even a little more

But I would not steal from you
I would not betray your soul
But I would want you to press on
Through blazing heat or freezing cold

I’d want you to carry forth this heritage
This lineage that lies in honor and blood
I’d want you to know that fierce pride
That can crawl through the dirtiest mud

And still maintain that fire and desire
That will to drive on to succeed
Because the front will always be
The only place from which to lead

I’d want you to step up to the line
I’d want you to keep the pace
It takes to earn the privilege to learn
What it takes to burn with a savage grace

9:58 pm
10:00 pm


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