Friday, March 17, 2006

And then

And then

I get everything lined up
I get everything scrubbed and clean
I get everything ready for inspection
And the slum lord blows off the scene

I get the cats put in some cages
I get the dogs put in a pen
And scum bum property management boy
Says we have to do it again

Looks like it's not going to work out
Those are the words he said
Those are the words he left on my pager
Those are the words ringing in my head

When he's supposed to be over here
Looking over the house and yard
But it look like this bottom of the deck
Dealer is comin up with another playing card

What a twisted stupid sick world
I pay rent not tribute to a corrupt king
A man is as good as his word and obviously
This butt wipes doesn't mean a thing

12:25 pm
transcribed this time
12:27 pm



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