Saturday, June 17, 2006

Butter Beans and Ham

Butter Beans and Ham
Or How The Pig Got Loose

So just about the time
Everything can go alright
That’s when he decides
To sneak off at first light

And of course he lied to do it
Of course he said something else
But I guess that’s the way it goes
When you only think about yourself

First time ever he came up
With his fair share of the rent
And presto change-o bags get packed
And then there’s that money to be spent

And it seems like it won’t be
On keeping his word to a friend
Nope standards gotta go all wobbly
And everything kinda sorta depends

On what his brooding mood is
On what he feels like doing
No longer are there grounded basics
Or higher goals worth pursuing


Nope he’s gonna say he had to
Had no other choice or whatever flies
It’s amazing when one decides to be
Stupid ….what one can rationalize

He snuck right out in the morning
With sleep still in his eyes
Because there's absolutely nuthin
That small selfish self can't alibi

He said we were going to talk
But now I have to let myself see
That that was just something he was
Saying just to put the shine on me

That was just something he said
So I would say ok and go to sleep
Till the night past and it came time
For his famous fade away creep

Yeah apparently it had been his plan
For more than a while
That come pay day he’d split
Leaving that warm friendly memory

Of his fake half-baked smile

I want to kick his ass
I want to love him for real
But Hell he's got to rip me off
Even when I was given him a good deal

written from
3:54 pm
to the present
10:45 am



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