Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Beyond all time

I don’t know who the
Fuck you think you are

Just because you said you
Shot somebody with a gun
Just because you
Stuck a knife in somebody’s chest

Just because you wore a badge
And did it half for fun
And half for what you thought
Would draw out of you your very best

Now what are you gonna do
Now that you got no uniform to wear
Now that you got no official rules
No official oath to which to swear

You gonna keep getting tired
After less than an hour or two
When you work all day in some
Lawyers office doin whatever you do


Listen asshole I met you long ago
And you brought my soul back on line
I don’t care if that was a million years ago
Some things go beyond all time

You were the first to show me moves
Moves along the lines of breath and death
You and me we’re the ones whose sins don’t
Wash away just because we want them to

When we confess


Nobody takes up the art of the heart
Because they’re suddenly clean of all the dirt
Besides tell me who wants to join a club where
Everybody has to wear the same color shirt

Keep playin your guitar
And quit tryin to be so fancy all the time
Bend a few simple notes it’s not like
You’re not entirely unfamiliar with

That state of mind

I love you like a brother
And if you don’t get that….too damn bad
Lightning danger a song in our heart
Weren’t those the best times we ever had

6:15 am


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