Monday, June 25, 2007

Half Iced and completely drunk

Tell us all about how you think it's cool
To pay women to allow you to pat them on the butt
Tell us all how when you've had about ten drinks
That's when you really know how to think and strut

Tell us all about the center lane on the freeway
Being the best place when drunk to drive
Because that way your own actions stand the
Best chance of being adequately selfishly disguised

For you to get away with being stupid
That is until you don't and somebody else pays
But then again that's no concern of yours
From what I understand by the ignorance

You put on display


Half iced and completely drunk
There's a killer on the road
And just like the song says
His brain is squirming like a toad

You got nothing because you are nothing
You got no contribution to make
You're a complete and total fraud
An utterly useless pathetic


10:27 am
written over a period of months



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