Wednesday, August 22, 2007

You do know

You do know I want
You to do well
You do know I want
You to be alright

It’s never been an easy road
To find one’s way to humility’s insight


One must attend to detail
On must show some heart
One must develop inner courage
To begin to ascend to the decisive start

To make the necessary adjustments
To increase one’s real life skill
The kind that gives you the strength
To pick up the pace going up hill

One can not be smart
When it’s merely convenient to them
It is not to be selectively used and abused
To get out of from under self indulgent whims

No excuses asked
No excuses given
There’s only what it takes
To maintain the basics of livin

Train hard the body and mind
Maybe distrust too tough or too easy
Hell everybody wants to have some fun
But what kind of guy keeps fallin into

Full blown sleezy

Reading opens up new worlds
As to what all is within your range
But then nuthin really does mean nuthin
Unless you’re ready

To be the Change

3:20 pm
transcribed this time
3:53 pm



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