Saturday, March 15, 2008

Only words

They were only words

Till you took them all from me
Till you babbled out your inanities
And spoke the tongue of insanity

There were only words

Till you stole into my homeland
With the help from traitors within
Who disguised themselves as leaders
Lovers brothers and friends

They were only words

But not by the blood of steel
Or by men who stood the wall
They were never just empty vessels
They reached out to touch it all

The sorrow and the sadness
The tears the fears and pain
Sure some of them fell on deaf ears
But others touched hearts aflame

I have heard them spoken
I have seen them written down
I have seen them carried over centuries
Along pathways though villages and towns

They were only words

That children laughed into the wind
That mothers called unto them with
That people spoke to each other
To relay the legends fables

And myths


But the spirit knows which
Are the offerings which the raves
Which are the real songs
And which are the fools singing

From their graves

8:41 am
transcribed this time
9:24 pm



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