Sunday, June 25, 2006

It's not exactly like I'm choosing

I'm the one who wants
A speed freak

The one who lives with his mother
In the trailer park
The one who rarely leaves
His room until way after dark

The one who’s already father
To another woman’s child
But I am the one who won’t
Get hooked Hep C or defiled

I know what you’re thinking
But there are exceptions to the rules
And I’m the one that it’s different for
I’m the one who won’t be the fool

Or caught sittin at home with a baby
Or a with a disease or in Jail
Or the one scrounging around
Doin what they can to get the bail

Because he’ll pay the child support
If I can just get him out
Believe me that’ll not be me
Of that I’m sure and have no doubt

Because I’m the one with a future
I’m only doin this a little while
I’m the one who wants the speed freak
At least he makes me smile

You don’t understand
It gets lonely out here
It’s nice to have someone close
It’s nice to have someone near

Who doesn’t expect much from me
Someone with whom it’s not a test
It’s only for a little while you’ll see
I’ll get back on track to doing my best

But for now it’s my life and I’ll do
What I want and be what I want to be
It’s not exactly like I’m choosing
Between freedom and a life of

Long suffering tragedy

the afternoon of
7:56 pm



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