Thursday, March 15, 2007

A New Dawn

A New Dawn

If there’s ever going to be a new dawn
It won’t be because of yeah what ever
And it doesn’t make any difference
It takes more than put downs and being clever

It won’t be because you take
Instead of learning how to give
And that means cleaning out the toilet
Moping the floors doing the basics to live

You can’t rip off people
Who would and could be your friends
You can’t constantly hang it out there
On a maybe a could be a depends

It’s all not your private party
It’s all not your game your rules
It’s not what you can get away with
And everybody else is the fool


Selfish and dismissive won’t work
Patience and humility count big
Make your money by your abilities
Never sell yourself as your gig

And seriously hanging out is for losers
It’s ok to relax and enjoy the day
But to just take it all too too casually
Can lead right off the path and astray

Manipulation isn’t cool
Using people for what you can get
It only makes you cheap
And the whole scene turn two bit

Learn to stand up
Learn there is a way to be true
Learn to love yourself
And take some care what you do


Respect others if the moment allows
Don’t trick them or prop open their doors
Take hold of any real opportunities
Give it your best and then give some more

Because if there’s ever going to be a new dawn
It’s going to come from deep inside
And it’s going to take effort and sweat
When there’s no place to run no place to hide


Hustlin Lying and deceit
Never did work and never will
Sooner or later every scream dream ends
And somebody hands you the bill

I wish you the best and that’s
Not something I’m just saying
But you better take it to heart
And start doin your part

And quit your stupid playin

8:59 pm
transcribed this time
7:50 pm



Blogger Ech0 said...

Yeah, I know just how you feel. Why is it some people just can't keep it real?

4:26 PM  

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