Sunday, July 23, 2006



If it's only entertainment
And no accounting for taste
And just what sells


Well then....

How much is your mother
How much is your soul
How much silver would it take
How much gold

If there’s

No accounting for taste
Just what sells
How much would you give
To get out of goin to Hell

Or don't you care
Because nothing matters anyway
And there's no connection between
Action taken and what you say


I don't think it's at all creative
I think it's completely off the map
I don't think it's mere coincidence
That rap....rhymes with crap

Intentionally loud and abrasive
Comin out of cars at you
Left on when they go to pay for gas
Like hey what are you gonna do


It's only entertainment
Says the fool without a clue
Like what if you give a thug a hug
Maybe then he won't hurt you

It's just vulture culture junk
Gangsta life sportin the same ol do
And if you think "that's your opinion"
Then you're an idiot too

8:03 pm
transcribed this time
11:17 pm



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