Monday, June 09, 2008

What's Happening?!

What's happening?!

Martial Arts
The United States Marine Corp

Hard Death

That's what I told my
Tatooed blue neighbor's friend
Sometimes it's all you can do
To keep from puting their life to an end

If it wasn't for the police
A lot of them would already be dead
Rebels and bad ass gang bangers
They're blinkin in their non thinkin heads

I just want to hit them
Both with an ax handle
But justice now a days
Is looked upon as a scandal

Because even if it was a fair
One on one fight
They'd lie to the police
And their whore girl friends would say

Yeah that's right

I want to beat them down
With left hooks and straight rights
I'd like to put fingers in their eyes
And take away their useless sight

Because they're aleady
Blind stupid and dumb
They're like a plague upon the land
Thinkin it cool to be numb

To their animals
To the children as well
All they are are crack smokin blunt tokin
Trash goin straight to Hell


But I ain't goin

And one of these days
We'll see who goes

And who .......... stays

started verbally at
11:33 am
written and finished
12:55 pm



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