Saturday, September 20, 2008

I had to take the sticker off your brand new jeans

You fuckin lazy ass piece of shit

I better not be the one you’re payin last
I’m the one who put you up into the green
You better not be ridin me with some story
That you’re slidin by now because you got the means

To put things off to lie right to my face
About if the money came in or not
Tellin me about checks that have to clear
You best not be goin all snot and rot and getting caught

With your hand holdin back on me
With stories about just getting some
And now you’re going to Victoria
You best not be playin me off as dumb

You and all your crazies
You and all your drink and alcohol
You best be stepping up with full payment
And you best be coverin it all

Don’t even start to drib drab me out
Don’t even start to do that bob and weave
Don’t dare front up a bunch of so called friends
And leave me out here as the one you deceive

First you said it was the twenty third
And then some how you go flush on Friday
Then you’ve suddenly got a shiney new phone
And actin like you barely got paid

I had to take the sticker off your brand new jeans
And then you put down two hundred on your debt
Like maybe you’re doin me some kind of favor
Like maybe I’m just now an odds off bet

Hey motherfucker this ain’t no joke
This ain’t no you’ll get around to it when you can
You best be understanding that you had my
Cold hard cash and trust for more than two years

And you had better step up and be a man

5:26 am
transcribed this time
5;30 pm



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