Saturday, October 11, 2008

How the World scared my little German Princess

First they offered her temptation
And an easier ride on the inside
Second they offered her thrills
And pills and a place to hide

False Admiration and flattery flowed
The Gossip merchants worked their wiles
And somewhere somehow they fed into
That tendency of hers to work that smile

Maybe she could be a great singer
Here how about a line of coke
Man you sure are cute tonight
And oh ha ha ha that certainly was

A funny joke

Next came the organic dildos
All kind of various wussy boy toys
Then there was all that acceptance
From the empty social circle ploys

And she was hooked and ridin
Ridin Daddy’s money and her charm
Ridin the great white horse
And that needle in her arm

And then somewhere in there
She lost track she was Teutonic strong
Somewhere in there she got all
Hollow and angry

And forgot she could be wrong

9:49 am
written over some weeks
one of a few in review
of the river winding



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