Friday, March 17, 2006

And then

And then

I get everything lined up
I get everything scrubbed and clean
I get everything ready for inspection
And the slum lord blows off the scene

I get the cats put in some cages
I get the dogs put in a pen
And scum bum property management boy
Says we have to do it again

Looks like it's not going to work out
Those are the words he said
Those are the words he left on my pager
Those are the words ringing in my head

When he's supposed to be over here
Looking over the house and yard
But it look like this bottom of the deck
Dealer is comin up with another playing card

What a twisted stupid sick world
I pay rent not tribute to a corrupt king
A man is as good as his word and obviously
This butt wipes doesn't mean a thing

12:25 pm
transcribed this time
12:27 pm


Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Go Ahead

Go ahead

Keep screwin with me witch
I see you for what you are
An unholy man hating bitch

You’ve definitely got a problem
Getting in everybody else’s hair
I don’t know what made you so ugly
And truth be told I don’t…. care

You’ve sold out your husband
You’ve always got to keep score
You’ve turned your daughter into a drug
Addicted rude crude and stupid whore

You’ve got your devious ways
You use code compliance to manipulate
Or directly call the Reality Company
Because you have to express your hate

You swear it’s what you’re focused on
But really it’s about your miserable life
You put your husband in jail because
You could as his loving trusting wife

Because he kept that loudmouthed sibling
Of yours out of the house as you both agreed
But when the police came you went back
On your word and did the dirty rotten deed

Saying your darling girl was allowed in
It was him or her somebody was going down
There the police were and on your word
They went ahead and took him down town


He was convicted too for domestic violence
And all because of rotten stinking you
You got him good because that poor fool
Still stays there broken like you wanted him to

How evil are you but you’re never satisfied
Standing out in the evening watering the grass
Two faced and acting all passive just waiting
To see if you’ve managed to bring to pass

More hurt more suffering more loss
All because you’re hollow and empty inside
Beyond all shame loving to play the blame game
But craving more that rising twisted self pride

You’ve declared war on the innocents
You’re going full out to win the battle
You’re going full whisper throttle
With your behind the scenes prattle

But this time it’s a war and you better
Hope against hope you don’t win
Because then nothing’s going to help you

No God No Devil No friend

You’re already into dues you can’t
Imagine you’re going to have to pay
Even if you beg for forgiveness
And endlessly eternally pray

This time you’ve made it war and you better
Hope against hope you don’t win
Because then nothing’s going to help you

No God No Devil No friend


11:24 pm
transcribed this time
with writting edits
8:42 am