Sunday, January 27, 2008

Oh don't worry about those

Those are all going outwards

He of course was referring to bullet holes
In his front window screen
He was one of those kind of guys
You didn’t have to figure out what he means

He said what he said
He did what he did
And the difference between the two
Didn’t change with a bid

He was a romantic for real
And dangerous as Hell
He was a bone raw outlaw
And an art collector as well

He had himself a hound
That made the Baskerville’s look tame
He went in more than a few doors
Where you don’t come out the same

But his heart and courage did
They remained quite true in fact
I knew him as a friend of a friend
And he always had his back


You didn’t Jimmy his locks
You didn’t mess with his choice
But that all bein said
You could do a whole lot worse than

Rollin with Royce

11:04 am

Toy Boy Roy

Toy Boy Roy
And Crossing The Line

You think you can
Throw a bitch fit out
And shut down my mind

You think you can act insulted
And then crowd my space
You don't even know what I said
But you ain't gettin in my face

You're lucky Mike got inbetween
That he stood up and kept you back
Because I would have seriously
Delivered unto you a Blitzkreig attack

You're lucky you couldn't get through
While you were lip flappin out your smack
Cause I would have broken your mouth
Before you ended up on your back

With me on top
Reigning down elbows and fists
You had no idea how much your
Dumb drunk driving ass

Was taking a risk

10:12 am