Friday, April 11, 2008


Lovers are lovers
And friends are friends
They both have beginnings
They both can end

What makes them valuable
Is the telling of the true
I approach shield up
If I don't know

What I am to you

I am by nature guarded
I am by nature caring
For it is but a hair's breath
Between foolish and daring

For this man I believe
It easier to walk through fire
Than to understand the flames
Of a woman's desire

How do you want nothing
But dance with it all
How do you surrender to love
But not end up a wind up doll

That's why I run
With the wind and ice and rain
That's why I roll and box
And with the young train in the pain

Because it should be simple
It should be a gift
It should be a kind of magic
That comes in and uplifts


I'm willing to work
I'm willing to understand
But I go from guts out
To not giving a damn

So with me it flows like a river
It crashes like waves on the shore
I feel a kinship with the hawk

His talons can rip and shred
But oh how his wings can soar

9:41 pm
transcribed this time
10:06 pm