Tuesday, December 20, 2005

The edge can move closer to you

You can move to the edge
You can take the path
That's dangerous and true

You can take your pride
And let it undo all of you

Or you can walk away intact
You can walk away complete and whole
You can suck it up and continue
On your journey to your origin and soul

But there can be no more indulgence
Of your alcohol to such an extent
That you come in rude and stupid
And continue on oblivios and bent

Yeah I threw away your weapon
Into the alley and beyond
There's got to be someplace
Some quiet and still water pond

Where a man can go to rest
To gather his strength and wit
There's got to be some place where
He's not told to stand or sit

Because manners count for something
And so does respect too
You better watch your step

The edge can move closer to you

9:53 pm