Sunday, April 22, 2007

The Boys

The boys

The boys were born under the house
And crawled out into the sun
They learned to love us all and in turn
We all did what was needed done

And now the house empties
And who will save their lives
Who will help assist
Who will take that extra drive

Anybody got any money
To put a dog run line on some trees
Anybody got any money
It certainly isn’t me

I’d gladly put it up
Anybody got any time
For the dancing twirling puppies
There is worry on my mind

For their safety and well being
Let’s not take any chances
With these Houdini twins
And their wiggle butt honest dances

I know everybody’s busy
But this is live and die
Everything is not theoretical
Hoping can definitely be the soft lie

Anybody got any ideas
Material or effort to bring to bear
Safety and security first
Aren’t those the firsts

When someone says they care

12:23 am

12:18 am
transcribed this time
12:31 am